Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Come Visit a Girl and her Horses with Me

In my heart I am a city person, not a country person. To any true city folk, this will sound ridiculous, since I grew up in the Village of Walworth. The population went from 1494 to 1637 during the years I lived there. But, we lived right in the middle of town. Farms, farm animals, corn, and manure were not a part of my life.

Then came Sally, our youngest daughter, and that all changed. About twelve years ago, a wise horse-loving woman at our church gave me some counsel. She recognized "the horse bug" in our little daughter Sally, and told me it was probably in her blood, so it would be hard to fight. She predicted that Sally's interest in horses was something that was going to stick and so far she's been correct.

So we (sort of) gave up fighting against the horse thing and began to give in a bit. Little by little. First it was food and clothing:

Notice the horses on the western shirt

"All I want for my birthday is a horse, or a horse cake if I can't have the horse"

...and lessons once a week with Terri at Canterbury Ridge Stables:

Aunt Sandy from Atlanta came to watch her lesson ( she's on the right talking to another mom)

She learned to groom a horse, pick the hooves and take off a saddle

Her favorite hour of the week. She talked about it all week long.
After that, she had lessons with Jody for a while, and then we took the next step and leased a horse. His name was George. Oh, how she loved George!!

Sally riding George at a Friday night fun show.

Her first competitions were the Friday fun shows
Sally and her friend Lauren spent many hours each week at Brenda Lockwood's (owner) with their  horses

After years of leasing, Sally somehow persuaded us to buy Travis. 
Her first horse-Travis. He's a quarter horse. 
Travis and Sally at Dane County a few years ago

Then about fifteen months ago, we sold Travis to another young horse-lover, and Sally's trainer found Mickey for us. Mickey is a Grulla with awesome markings. Sally loves Mickey--he is a horse she feels she can trust and he's allowed her to compete at a higher level. He's a beauty, too.
Grand Champion Western Showmanship- July 2011 with Coos Mito Mickey(Mickey)
Tears of joy

This week Sally is in Tulsa, Oklahoma to compete in the 2011 American Buckskin World Show. Sally has worked and saved for months in order to attend this show. It's been a dream of hers for years. Her trainer, Shannon trailered Mickey all the way, and Sally's good friends Cassie and Aly are there, too. 

The ABRA World Pre-Show is today, and competition is Wednesday through Sunday. Best wishes to friend Cassie, who is also showing, and to Sally and Mickey!!


Sandy said...

Love the pictures and the narrative! Sally is so beautiful and you can tell horses are her passion.

Lori said...

Thanks, Sandy. Did you notice yourself in that photo of the lesson? I remember that day--do you? I guess it's been eleven years:-).

I have some other pictures of Alex and Paige during the lesson. They were busy playing with all the kittens and cats.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

What a great story--a girl and her horse(s)! It very nearly makes up for not being there in person.

I hope all goes better than well for Sally in Oklahoma. It's been a busy few weeks for the two beauties--the grulla and the girl!
Thanks for sharing the photos.

Lori said...

Thanks, Robin.

The Prude said...

Good job, City Mom! Mickey is a beauty.
Oh, and so is Sally!