Friday, July 15, 2011

First Stops on our London Trip: Heathrow, Taxi and British Museum

Frankly, I can't do the British Museum justice here. I was too tired. The flight was long and tedious and I don't sleep on planes. Even overnight flights. I sympathize with business people who make the journey frequently.

Once we got off the plane, we stood in a warm (hot) customs line for an hour and a half at Heathrow. Then began the search for our luggage. It had been removed from the carousel and stuck in a corner.

I took this from inside the taxi--this ad was facing me

The taxi ride from Heathrow to our hotel was a bright spot in the travel. Extremely bright. The trip was about 40 minutes, and the driver behaved like a skilled tour guide, entertaining us the entire way. He pointed out places of interest, answered our questions and told us all about what London was like during the week of the royal wedding. I wish I'd gotten his photo to put here.

The driver dropped us off at our hotel and gave us some vague directions to the British Museum. It was too early to check in to the hotel, but they held our luggage and we headed over to the British Museum. I had left my London map in my suitcase and we were too timid to ask for directions, but somehow we eventually found the museum. A couple of wrong turns made the walk longer than it needed to be.

The British Museum- We finally found it

British Museum interior

The British Museum is the oldest museum in the world and contains millions of artifacts and treasured items from around the globe. It ranks number one in DK's Eyewitness Travel: Top Ten London. Paige got pretty excited about seeing the Parthenon Sculptures and the Rosetta Stone. We walked around the museum for a couple of hours and shared a chicken sandwich and a strawberry cup at one of the simple cafes within the museum. 

The number one attraction at the museum--Parthenon Sculptures

I was thrilled when Paige admitted she was too tired to continue--I was exhausted. We grabbed a cab back to the hotel, showered and took a long nap. We thought we'd return to the British Museum another day, but we never made. Jet lag is a powerful thing.

This is where we had our nap. Sleep felt so wonderful! More about the St. Pancras Hotel another time


Sandy said...

Love the pictures!

Lori said...

Thanks, Sister.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Even hearing that you saw the Rosetta Stone gave me goose flesh! What a dream, to see the British Museum--even dog tired!

Lori said...

Robin--Tired me is such a wimp. The memory of the British Museum is a bit fuzzy. I should have loaded up on the caffeine.