Tuesday, July 19, 2011

London: Tate Modern, Pizza Express and July's Free Gift Drawing

We headed to our third museum of the day. The Tate Modern seemed more crowded than the National Gallery or National Portrait Gallery. It wasn't my favorite, but Paige was excited for the opportunity to see many of the pieces she had just studied in her Modern Art History course.

Photos are permitted in the Tate Modern, so I took about fifty. Here are a few:

My favorite art history student

Zip paintings by Barnett Newman

My favorite. Henri Matisse by Derain.

Pistoletto's Venus of the Rags

Behind the museum and down a small hill is the River Thames. What a joy to sit on a bench there and just look at it. Directly across the river sits St. Paul's Cathedral. We could have walked across the sleek Millennium Bridge and toured it, but we were too tired (jet lag) and Paige was chilled. (It was in the 60's during our trip. and cooler down by the river). Instead, we went back to our hotel and took a nap. We made it to St. Paul's another day.

The Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's across the Thames

Fortunately, a hotel worker woke us up by bringing chocolates or we might have slept away the daylight. We walked up the street past the British Library and ate at the Pizza Express. Express means something very different in England than in the States. Servers are careful not to rush patrons. You are welcome to use a table for as long as you like. The service was impeccable and our waiter took the time to have a couple of short conversations with us.

We walked back to the hotel in the rain, darting from awning to awning. We still hadn't seen an umbrella to purchase, though we'd been told "they are everywhere in London." If only we'd known the train station and all those shops were just below our hotel! We didn't make this discovery until day three.

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ScheltyDebate said...

There isn't much about Modern Art that I appreciate... but I do like reading about your ventures and willingness to go~ :)

What is the piece called that is your favorite? I suppose I should know it, but I'm at a loss.

The Prude said...

Maybe if I studied modern art I would appreciate it more. Once again you make me want to go and stay in your hotel and be woken by chocolate.
I can't wait to go to St. Paul's!

Lori said...

I had to call my favorite art student and ask her since I couldn't remember. I knew it was of some famous artist. She gave me the names and then I could look it up.

It's an oil on canvas portrait of Henri Matisse, painted by Andre Derain, 1905. They painted portraits of each other. Derain was the founder of the Fauvism movement (known for the bold colors) and Matisse is the best known of the Fauvism movement.

Lori said...

Prude--Hanging out with Paige at an art museum makes even modern art fun. She's so informative and excited about everything.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Joanie said...

I appreciate your take on the modern art, although modern art is generally not my fave. Great pictures though and looking forward to future installments.

stephseef said...

Look! I found your blog! And you were in LONDON and we didn't talk about that?!?! We are such Anglophiles at our house.... Scott drives a 91 Jaguar! Can't wait to dive right in. What a joy to see you tonight. Thanks for making the trip --

-steph seefeldt

Lori said...

Stephanie--Thanks for stopping by my new blog. We loved, loved hearing you play last night, and we were delighted to chat with you.

Joanie--I'll see you in just one week! Thanks for dropping by.

Paige said...

The lack of umbrellas! The irony was, they were right under our hotel! You write so nicely about me even though I got pretty cranky being in the cold rain. It was a great trip, and you write about it so well.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

What a hoot--"brollies" underfoot!
How is it there was a train station dirctly beneath the hotel and you didn't even feel the rumbling?

Photos by Paige Lipsky are amazing!

Lori said...

Paige--I loved the 11 days we spent together. You make a great travel buddy. Miss you.

Robin--I think it was magically built so that there are no noticeable rumblings or odors.