Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More of the London Visit, plus It's Easy to Participate in the Free Drawing

Dane County Fair is over, so today we’re back to our London visit.

We started out day four with room service once again. A fruit bowl, orange juice and tea, plus the croissants we’d purchased in the train station below when we went to scout it out the night before.

Tea for breakfast each morning at the hotel

Have I mentioned that I don’t like tea? I would love to like tea, so I’ve been working on it. Occasionally, I’ll order a Chai at Barnes and Noble. My sister told me it’s a good place to start. My friend, Joanie, served me tea the last time I was at her house just to prepare me for my London trip. Then, guess what? I drank a cup of English Tea every morning for breakfast while we were in London. As soon as we left London, however, I was back to coffee. But, I’m working on it.

We decided to begin the activities of day four at Harrod’s.

Harrod’s of London is shockingly huge.  After our visit, I researched and learned the store has over one million square feet of selling space and sits on 5 acres of prime London real estate. There are 330 departments. To compare, the average WalMart Supercenter is less than one-fifth the size.

Harrod's of London (public domain photo)

We arrived ten minutes before the store opened and the masses were waiting in the rain. All of the under-the-awning spots were packed with visitors, but by now Paige and I had each purchased an umbrella, so we only got wet below the knees.

Paige noticed that the commoners (like us) crowd the Food Hall and the room with the tea and chocolates. Most purchases seemed to be made there. Those are the rooms with the affordable merchandise.  Harrod’s is upscale like I’d not seen before. We were looking for a pair of casual shoes for Paige and we couldn’t find a single pair for less than 200 pounds (200 pounds equals about 325 dollars these days). Most were much more. I picked up one pretty vase in another room that I thought looked affordable and it was 2,700 pounds. It was about the least expensive item in the antiques room.  I set the vase down gently and walked to the next department.

After Harrod’s, we grabbed a taxi and went to see St. Paul’s Cathedral.  It’s where Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married. More about St. Paul’s and London in the next post.

There’s only a day and a half until the winner of the free drawing is chosen and announced. I’ll draw the name from a hat on Friday morning. To enter, simply leave a comment on any post. 

The drawing winner receives: Big Ben Bank, Boxed Harrod's Pen, Traditions of Britain Tea in cute tin set, Twinings from London English Tea


The Prude said...

I never knew this about Harrods! I love how you 'gently' put the vase down :)
It would be really hard for me to do tea too- it always seems so much nicer in concept than reality.
Can't wait to visit St. Paul's!

Robin J. Steinweg said...

(sigh of ecstasy) Harrod's. London rain. Tea. Scones. The lilt of British accents. So glad you're willing to share! Looking forward to reading about St. Paul's next.