Thursday, July 28, 2011

St. Paul's Cathedral, London and the Underground

After Harrod's we had lunch at a nearby restaurant and then headed to St. Paul's Cathedral. Still it rained, so went right inside. No lines.

St. Paul's Cathedral (all photos today public domain except the rail station)

Among the Royal Occasions that have been celebrated at St. Paul's are:

  • Queen Elizabeth's 80th birthday in 2006
  • Marriage of Catherine of Aragon to Prince Arthur in 1501
  • Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee commemoration
  • The Wedding of Charles, the Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981

Years after the wedding, but couldn't resist adding this

The State funerals of Admiral Lord Nelson, Sir Winston Churchill and other dignitaries have taken place at St. Paul's Cathedral, London.

In 1964, Martin Luther King made a stop to collect his Peace Prize.

Our view of St. Paul's from the Tate Modern, across the Thames
After St. Paul's it was raining hard, so we located an Underground Station (with some difficulty since neither one of us is great with directions). A friendly worker helped us out with which ticket to buy and which train to board. We took the Underground back to our hotel and then got cleaned up and walked up the street for dinner. I had unimpressive fish fry and Paige had some icky spinach soup.

 In London, overall, we found the service excellent. At our hotel, clerks in shops, wait staff at restaurants and cafes, in cabs... I was impressed. Many kindnesses were shown to us in London (a contrast to Paris, for sure). The food was nothing special and sometimes quite strange. In general, the selections were more health-focused than in the States. More salads and fruits and fewer fried foods, snacks and desserts.

The train station under our hotel-the St. Pancras International Station/King's Cross stop.  It was new and clean.
After dinner, we walked back to the hotel. It was time to pack up and prepare for Paris. We had tickets for the Eurostar which was scheduled to leave after lunch the next day, or so I thought...

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The Prude said...

Hmmm. Unimpressive fish fry and icky spinach soup. But I still really want to visit London! I like that there are kind people there. Or maybe they are just nice to kind people like you :)

Robin J. Steinweg said...

I can't even imagine setting foot in a building so old, much less so distinguished.

Your view from the Tate Modern was lovely--the bridge, too.

I'm enjoying this vicarious visit!

Lori said...

Prude--Londoners are kind to their tourists. We found fewer kindnesses showered in Paris. Quite a contrast, in fact.

Robin--I hope someday soon you can visit in person, too. I know how much you love all things British.