Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Surprise Trip to London, Paris and Amsterdam

Why don't you and Paige go to Paris in June?

That's a phrase I'd never expected to hear. A week later I heard my husband repeat the words and explain that he had enough hotel points accumulated to probably cover the cost of hotels for the trip. We discussed the possibility and soon we were searching for flight information.

Le Tour Eiffel

Flights to Paris looked expensive so we searched flights to London. Turns out we could manage a round-trip to London plus Chunnel tickets on the Eurostar to Paris for about the same price as an airline ticket to Paris. Yahoo.

House of Parliament and the Tower Clock (Big Ben) on the Thames

Mark knew a family trip wouldn't be possible in June when Paige was off of school because of his work schedule. Sally (our other daughter) was invited to come along, but said she preferred to stay home to prepare her horse for the upcoming show season. Really.

Somehow Paige got us to tag Amsterdam on to the end of our plans. The Eurail makes it easy--or rather makes it sound easy. More on that later. The big draws for us in Amsterdam were the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank Huis where she hid with her family during WWII. The Diary of Anne Frank is on my "top ten books of all time" list and Van Gogh is probably Paige's favorite artist. She's pretty passionate about Van Gogh and art history in general.

Yep, it's the Rijksmuseum

Paige studies photography and art history at SCAD-Savannah College of Art and Design. Because of this, we decided to make art museums a focus of the trip.

We left on a Wednesday in June for 11 days in London, Paris and Amsterdam. 


Robin J. Steinweg said...

This is so good, your photos are enticing--can't wait to read more!

Lori said...

No one has ever complimented my photos before. Thanks, Robin. My favorite is that first Blue Spoon picture from the other day.

Must be my new little Canon point and shoot. It was my Mother's Day gift.