Friday, July 29, 2011

Paige is Home for a Visit

Paige is home this weekend for a visit. Some moms of younger children look lovingly at their kids and wonder how they'll survive when the darlings grow and leave the nest.

Sometimes they leave by steps, and this is a help. For instance, they go away to college, but then they come home every summer. Each time they go, the adjustment is a bit easier.

This is Paige's first summer away from home. She's in summer school, but home for this weekend. Of course, today at 2 or 3 o'clock she heads off with friend Nikki for a camping trip, but I have until then with her...once she gets up. So permit me to leave Paris until Monday so I can go spend time with my daughter who lives in Atlanta. 

But she's great at calling, she always answers our texts and we got to go on a wonderful trip to London, Paris and Amsterdam together last month. Re-living that trip on this blog is almost like spending more time with Paige.

See you Monday when I talk about my time with Paige in Paris.

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Congrats to drawing winner and self-proclaimed Anglophile:

 steph seefeldt 

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The Prude said...

Enjoy every second with your daughter Lori!
And Steph!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

Lori said...

Thanks, dear Prude.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

It's great to hear Paige is home, and you have a winner of the London loot. Congratulations!