Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Visit to Door County: Part 2 of 4 Cave Point County Park, Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park

First stop after lunch was the Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park. We took the path that parallels the beach, so got my good view of the water (I love a water view) and then wound around to the path in the woods. The sun was out and it got a bit too warm, so I was glad to get back to the car and A/C.

Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park

Right next to the state park is Cave Point County Park. The water rushes in to these cave-like rock areas. Mark had read this place was a hidden gem, and whoever wrote that was correct. We walked along the sand and rock beach. The clouds had come out and the breeze off the lake felt terrific. It’s a gorgeous spot.

Mark at Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park

Later in the afternoon, I drove Mark to Potowatami State Park and he took a run there while I went back to the hotel for a while to write.

I had this room with gorgeous view all to myself. I wrote from this spot both afternoons while Mark ran outside.

Sunset from the grounds of the Bridgeport Waterfront Resort 

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Robin J. Steinweg said...

Door County, a jewel of Wisconsin. The water, the fun shops, the artists...

...and the poets!

Thanks, Lori!

Susan said...

We love Cave Point County Park. We used to spend hours there when the boys were little and my mom lived in Door County. Beautiful sunset picture also!

Joanie said...