Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Visit to the Most Visited Monument in the World-The Eiffel Tower

The next morning in Paris, we went downstairs again for our spectacular-but-free breakfast buffet. It was the perfect way to start the day. After, we caught a taxi outside the hotel and headed for the Eiffel Tour. “La Tour Eiffel, ” I said to the driver—my tiny bit of French in France again.

We felt bad for all the young men trying to sell trinkets in the Eiffel Tower area since they were working hard to do it, but it really stole the peace and pleasantry from the place. The grounds area was large and lovely, there were benches available to sit and enjoy the view, but about once every minute someone was laboring to get us to buy cheap souvenirs. When we finally gave in and bought some, I suppose we were labeled an easy target and the efforts increased. Meanwhile, Paige had us waiting for the sun to peek out so she could get some photos. It finally showed itself after about 20 minutes.

"Paige was here" proof with my point and shoot.

I didn't wait for the sun to peek out

My proof of visit photo. Too bad you can't see my shoes.

After a wait, the sun came out for a couple of minutes. Photo by Paige

Au revoir, La Tour Eiffel

We opted not to go up in the tower. The lines were crazy long and we were ready to move on. We got our photos and took a taxi back to La Sainte-Chapelle. Paige was excited to get photos there and she had her good camera with her this time.

When we arrived, though, the place had closed early due to a private concert. Because of the acoustics and beauty, it’s a popular spot for concerts.

We hoped to get back into La Sainte-Chapelle for better photos, but it wasn't to be.

Tomorrow I’ll share about our walk along the bank of the Seine when we head back to my favorite place in Paris.

Eiffel Tower Facts:

The Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris.  Until 1930, it was the tallest building in the world. Over six million people visit it each year—more than any other monument in the world.  Over 75% of the visitors come from other nations. The Eiffel Tower was built to provide the entrance arch to the 1889 World’s Fair, and the plan was to disassemble and remove it after 20 years. It is currently owned by the City of Paris and used as a radio broadcasting tower and an observation tower.


The Prude said...

Lori, this is so much fun! What a great travel journal!
That photo by Paige of the elongated Eiffel Tower is fabulous- I have never seen a photo of it from that angle before.
We will just have to imagine the white shoes.
Love you in pink, by the way!

Lori Lipsky said...

Thanks for coming along on the journey, Prude, and thank you for the kind comments.