Monday, September 19, 2011

The Last Day of our Visit to Amsterdam

After the Van Gogh  Museum and the Rijksmuseum we noticed a sign for the Diamant Museum and Coster Jewelry store across the street. I imagined real diamonds on display, but I suppose that was a naive hope. Rather, at the museum you view replicas of famous diamonds and photos of the famous people wearing the jewels. Replicas of crowns worn by all sorts of royalty are on display. 

They also sell diamonds and jewelry there, of course.

And then that was it. We were done. Our last museum, the tenth of our European art museum-focused trip. We were sort of sorry we'd run out of time on our vacation, but it's always nice to go home. One last dinner in Amsterdam, some packing and then the journey home via London. 

Below are some Amsterdam shots. Paige hopes to go back some day and take some more photos. It rained plenty while we were there, and the sun was hardly ever out. Paige would love to return and maybe even live in Amsterdam for a while. She liked it that much. I liked it, too, but I'd prefer to live with Mark in Wisconsin.
All photos below by Paige.

I'll share a few more of Paige's photos of Amsterdam tomorrow. Have a wonderful Monday, wherever you may be.


Paige said...

Uhhh, I look like a really bad photographer from those pictures. I need to go back just to prove my worth!

Lori Lipsky said...

Thanks for letting me post them, Paige.

I love the pictures because they're a reminder of our time in Amsterdam together.