Friday, September 2, 2011

A Verse: The Show with photo by Anita Klumpers

Geese in flight formation can be wonderful to watch. 

This fellow in the photo below endeared himself to me. What talent. What beauty. What a tranquil sight. Anita Klumpers took this shot during our book club's boat ride down (or maybe it was up) the Yahara River.

The Show
by Lori Lipsky

Precariously he perches
On a cold wet rock
Performs for us a
Feat we could not mirror
Performs for us an
Unintended show

Photo by Anita Klumpers. See more from Anita at The Prude Disapproves

Next week Paige is home for just a few days. Then she makes the long flight in order to study in Hong Kong. It's a terrific opportunity, but I'm feeling a bit sad. How did she get so grown up and must she go so far away?
For comfort , I'm heading the blog back to our Europe trip where I had her all to myself for 11 days in a row. Morning, noon and night. She's a terrific travel buddy. We got along wonderfully.

If you missed posts of London and Paris with Paige, check out the old posts which are accessible by a click on the side panel of the blog under archive. 

On to Amsterdam! 
Have a wonderful weekend.


Forgiven said...

Enjoy your time with Paige! I can't believe she's going off to Hong Kong. I still remember Paige and Sally playing at our house in Eagan with the Little Snoopy pull toy.

Lori Lipsky said...

Dear Forgiven, You need to give me more clues so I can identify you. I can think of a few forgiven people who lived in Eagan and may have owned Snoopy pull toys.
T..., D..., M...?

Joanie said...

Enjoy your time with Paige. How long will she be gone? Can you visit her? Think of all the new material you will have to pull from not to mention precious time with your daughter.

Lori Lipsky said...

Joanie, She'll be gone 11 weeks, then home for December. Then she may or may not go back. SCAD allows her to switch locations each quarter if she wants. We've asked her to wait and see what it's like first before she decides.
No plans to visit right now, but you never know...

Robin J. Steinweg said...

What a rare treat it is to have seen and made note of a quirky bird, and then read a poem about him (or her). And he is unaware of his detour into the lives of those who read it or who were there!

As for the flight you mention, I'm with you.