Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Writers' Group Takes a Field Trip to Lake Geneva, Part 1 of 2

If one is new to writing and lacks confidence it helps to be part of a kind, encouraging writers’ group. My Friends of the Pen group has read almost everything I've written in the past two and a half years and they've not berated me or made me cry even once. Because of their encouragement I've been brave enough to submit poems to publications. Nine have been published so far in 2011 in a variety of periodicals including Penwood Review, Pegasus Review, The Storyteller, Mature Living Magazine and Red Poppy Review(redpoppyreview.blogspot.com/).

This summer our little group took a field trip. Anita did the planning. We met at her home and then all of us loaded in my compact SUV and headed for beautiful Lake Geneva.

First we stopped off in Janesville. My mom wanted to meet the group she's heard so much about.

L to R: Joanie, Anita, Robin, Cheryl standing in front of my parent's house in Janesville

My mom and dad have read works by the group and enjoyed meeting them and giving them a tour of their home.

Second stop was Millie's Pancake House, Delavan, WI. Yum. The breakfast was amazing and we had fun in the shops, too.   After Millie's we stopped at the Delavan Library because Anita used to love it so much when she was a child living in Delavan. Then we drove to Lake Geneva and boarded a  boat for a tour.

Robin is our leader. She took the initiative to get us going as a group. Her nickname is Pollyanna--her glass is often half full. Robin is a regular contributor for The Christian Pulse Magazine(thechristianpulse.com/) and for The Great Blog Adventure (www.qccwcblog.blogspot.com/).  She has several childrens' books set to go and is preparing to search for a publisher. Robin loves to speak to groups on parenting and other topics. She's a music teacher and has worked many years as a professional singer.

We call Joanie Purple Girl. She did not disappoint with her lavender dress on the day of our field trip. Joanie is a nurse and a cancer survivor.  She's recently had articles published in Coping with Cancer Magazine (copingmag.com/). She's written a collection of personal stories about her experience and we think she's ready to look for a publisher for those. Currently she's interviewing other cancer survivors and writing a second collection of uplifting stories based on those interviews. Joanie speaks to nursing students and women's groups on that and related topics.

Here's PonderAnn (Cheryl). Cheryl lives in the country and educates her two youngest at home.  Cheryl recently spoke to the women's group at her church. They keep inviting her back. Cheryl has written some ongoing stories about Effie, the Sheep and many other short stories with a folksy flare. We keep encouraging her to submit for publication and I think 2012 will be the year.

Anita is our Prude and we mean that in the nicest sense of the word. She writes a daily blogpost as The Prude at theprudedisapproves.blogspot.com/. She's also a regular contributor at The Barn Door (www.thebarndoor.net/). She's working on her first novel and we all love it and think it's got great potential. When her first book is published I'll let you know where you can buy a copy. Anita is an amateur photographer. The photos on her blog are hers and she volunteers as photographer for several groups, including a soccer team. Anita has provided photos for Visits and Verse on occasion, including the one of the boat on the top of the today's post.


The Prude said...

That was such a wonderful day! Thank you for the kind words and the kind photo choices, Poet Lori-ette!
Even your prose has a lovely lilt!

Suef said...

This was lovely to read. Especially since I know all of you except Purple Girl. I loved all the photos too.

Lori Lipsky said...

Prude--You planned a lovely field trip for us.

Suef--Purple Girl is one of the nicest of all of us. I suppose I am the cranky one, but they put up with me. Thanks for stopping by. See you Wednesday!

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Alas, the post is missing the crucial ingredient--the author of this blog! Our Poet-Loriette!

(You can find a lovely photo of her on facebook)

It was a fun day--let's have another soon!