Monday, October 24, 2011

A Tag-Along Visit to Indiana

Mark recently went on an overnight business trip to H----, Indiana and invited me to tag along. Now that the girls are adults, I can accompany him once in a while and spend the days writing in the hotel room or sight-seeing.

The drive to the H---- area from our house isn't a pleasant one. One of the most exciting things about the trip was using the i-Pass on the Chicago Tollways, so no more slowing down for the many Chicago tolls like in the past. Mark has used the i-Pass multiple times, but it was my first time. A new adventure.

After four + hours of driving, listening to podcasts (fun) and to one side of Mark's business calls (interesting) we exited the eight-lane tollway and there was our hotel, just off the exit.

Below was our view from the hotel window. No beautiful trees, flowers, lakes or mountains, but the semi trucks did change color, from orange to blue to red to white...and the sky provided a gorgeous blue backdrop.

The next day, Mark was off to work and I persuaded the hotel to let me stay for a late 1:30 check-out. I hung out in the suite's little living room and got some writing done. After check-out I went over to nearby to Cracker Barrel for lunch and more writing. Mark said he didn't recommend exploring in the area due to safety concerns, so I lingered at Cracker Barrel until it was time to pick him up--thankfully, he was done earlier than normal. I suggested maybe I'd explore and take a non-direct route to pick him up, but he said I better take the highway and be direct, for safety reasons.  

This trip was a gem because it reminded me to be grateful for the view out my front window and the beautiful view of the tree-line out our back windows at home. It reminded me to be thankful that we live in the kind of neighborhood where I feel free to walk around any time of the day and not have serious safety concerns. Millions of people elsewhere don't enjoy that privilege. 

Plus, I got some writing done in the cozy room. There were no baskets of laundry, vacuum cleaners, messy counters or dirty toilets calling my name.

I hope you'll be able to locate some beauty in your surroundings today. Happy Monday!


The Prude said...

I think I have been to that Cracker Barrel.
This was an inspired, make-lemonade-out-of-lemons post!
The semi trailer colors are great- I am going to be looking for them now.
And your perspective on the experience is so in character for you.
Hoping a lovely poem was born in H----!

Susan said...

I leave your blog happy today because I learned that I am not the only one with dirty toilets calling my name. :)