Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Visit to Bounds Showtime Arena in Deerfield, WI

The weekend before last was Sally's final horse show as a youth. The end of an era! 

The show was a Ranch show (American Ranch Horse Association). She loves them--for Sally they mean a lower level of stress than other shows, more fun and an opportunity to try some new things.

The show was at Bound's in Deerfield, WI. Mark and I stopped by for a while to see Sally compete. A big thanks to Sarah for trailering Mickey and to Heather, too.

Sally had an opportunity to compete in some traditional classes. She had a wonderful success day with a first in Showmanship, first in Halter under one judge and first (plus a trophy) in Walk-Trot. 

Sally also tried some less traditional classes (for her). One was called Working Cow Horse and a second involved a cow, too, though I don't know the class name. I admire her courage in trying new things.

Waiting for the judge's signal to begin her Working Cow Horse Class
Chasing that cow and cutting in front to make him turn the other way. Yep, that's her hat there on the ground.
That's my girl!

Have a great Tuesday.


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The Prude said...

Sally is the first cowgirl I knowAnd the cutest.