Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Visit to Field's in Wisconsin Dells

One hot and humid late-in-August evening, I headed up to Wisconsin Dells with three wild and crazy friends. Our planned destination was Field's at the Wilderness, an upscale supper club. We didn't go for dinner. The attraction was Stephanie Seefeldt at the piano.

Sue Finley, Anita Klumpers, and Linda Vick
At one time, all of us home-schooled our children, and the kids were all part of FLAME,  a Madison-area cooperative featuring a choir (I was a choir director for FLAME).

Anita and I were talking one day and I found out that she was 'friends' with Stephanie from on-line Scrabble, but had never met her. Stephanie used to lead worship at our church (Blackhawk Church) so we decided we should go to Field's so we could all meet her and hear her play.

 I did threaten to include a restroom photo

We sat at a table right by Stephanie so we could talk to her as she played. She has no trouble multi-tasking.

Sitting in the bar next to the piano is not a typical evening for the Prude (Anita's alter-ego) and her friends. We enjoyed some non-alcoholic beverages and delicious appetizers as we listened. 

Stephanie has a new Christmas CD, Cradle & Cross,  that is due to be released soon. 

It got dark outside--time for the (not so) wild and crazy ladies to head home.


ScheltyDebate said...

This sounds like there might have to be a sequel visit... :)

ScheltyDebate said...

And I have always wondered HOW Anita and Stephanie seemed to know each other!

The Prude said...

Yes! Sequel visit! can't get enough of Steph or my wild and crazy friends!

Lori Lipsky said...

Prude--You should plan it (since you are so great at planning events). I'd be up for going again.

SchelyDebate, would you like to come along if we go??

Die Cut Lady said...

Fun to hear you got a chance to see Stephanie.I bet you had a great time.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Fields + fine music + friends = a time worth having, a time worth repeating for sure!

Donna Boucher said...

Wow!! How exciting that you went to hear Stephie!!
Super cool! I'd love to hear her sing....well...anything.

Lori Lipsky said...

Donna--She has one of my favorite voices. Lovely. Thanks for dropping by here and leaving a note. I love your blog and your photos at Quiet Life.