Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum Part 2 of 3

The inside of the Milwaukee Art Museum is as spectacular as the outside. The architect took full advantage of the lake location. Visitors enjoy marvelous lake views from numerous indoor spots.

View from an inside hallway

As part of the Impressionism Exhibit, various drawings and pastels by Monet are on display as well as this oil on canvas of "Waterloo Bridge" which he could see from his hotel room on the North Bank in London:

PD via Wikimedia Commons

And here are three of my favorites from Milwaukee's permanent collection:

Renoir's "View of Bougival"

"Landscape-Garden at St. Tropez" ca. 1900 by Henri Edmond Cross

"Boating on the Yerres" by Caillebotte

A quote from the wall of the Impressionism Exhibit:

Next post: A few more paintings from the Milwaukee Art Museum's permanent collection.


The Prude said...

For years I lived only a few blocks away from Lake Michigan (and for a time had an apartment right next to it) and I never ever got tired of it. These sights and the paintings are like balm today.
Thank you!

Lori Lipsky said...

I don't think I knew you ever lived near the Lake. I want to know more. Glad the post brought back good memories.