Monday, October 17, 2011

A Visit to the Vilas Zoo, Madison, Wisconsin. It's Free!

Mark and I used to go to zoos all the time before we had kids. We did the same thing as the girls were growing up. We've been to zoos in San Diego, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Honolulu... but most often, it was the zoo closest to home and we've moved six times in our marriage. 

Here's a list of zoos we've visited more than ten times:

  • Como Zoo, St. Paul, MN
  • Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, MN
  • The NEW Zoo of Brown County, near Green Bay
  • Vilas Zoo, Madison, WI

Before kids came along, and then while our first child was young, the Como Zoo of St. Paul, MN was close and free and we liked to hang out there on Saturdays. 

Later, when the kids were still young, we had a membership at the Minnesota Zoo near our Eagan home. For a while, we went almost every Sunday afternoon.

For years, whenever we visited Mark's dad in Green Bay we would always head to the NEW Zoo.

Now it's just Mark and I a lot of the time, and I think it had been a year or maybe two since we'd been to a zoo. That's a record. 

A couple of weeks ago we drove to nearby Vilas Zoo (Madison, WI). It was a good weather day.

 If only I had charged my camera battery before our visit. I did get shots of some favorites before the battery died.

The Vilas Zoo is still free to the public, though donations are happily accepted.
How about you? Have you visited a zoo lately?


The Prude said...

Vilas Zoo is great- but my all time favorite is the Milwaukee Zoo.
I have great memories of being there with my folks, and we had a family membership there when the boys were young. We would hang around the bird house in the winter!

Robin J. Steinweg said...

I love the Vilas Zoo--a favorite family destination.

The Omaha Zoo was terrific-a swinging bridge gave a thrill.

A zoo in Kansas had kangaroos napping on the path; we had to step around them. They looked like they could get mean. And a monkey gave us an obscene gesture! Oh yes, and the prairie dogs had tunneled out from their caged area, and a tiger sprayed the path just in front of us. It was a zoo to remember.