Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Re-Visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum with Writing Friends

Our writing group decided to take a field trip over to the Milwaukee Art Museum for some inspiration and fun.

Looking "mostly-dignified" here.

Too bad my friends and I aren't as dignified and poised as these three sisters

They did obey all museum laws, however, so that's some comfort at least

The special Impressionism exhibit doesn't allow photos and I obeyed that rule, but here is one oil on canvas you'll see if you go:

Waterloo Bridge, Sunlight Effect by Claude Monet, PD via Wikimedia Commons

Have you made it over to the Milwaukee Museum to see the Impressionism Exhibit? It's worth the drive if you like art:     http://mam.org/

I noticed that my friend, Anita, is dedicating a week of posts to the Milwaukee Art Museum. Have a look if you like: http://theprudedisapproves.blogspot.com/


The Prude said...

Nothing like art with friends. Everyone should be Lori's friend. She is wonderful and a blast.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Lori, thank you for showing the three sisters. The museum was fun, and I heeded your prior admonition not to disgrace you (too much).

Anyone who visits the museum: the food at the museum cafe is delicious, and the atmosphere lovely.

Plan to "clear your palate" every hour or so in the restful white hallway overlooking Lake Michigan--that way you'll avoid sensory overload and enjoy the visual feast all the more.

Don't plan to have quite as much fun as we had, though. I'm not sure it's possible--and after all, you don't have Lori along!