Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Verse: The Steeple *plus submit your own steeple photo to enter Amazon Card drawing

The Steeple
by Lori Lipsky

The village spire
Built high and seen
From north and east
And surrounding fields

Has its effect
On those nearby
Who view the steeple
Day after day

To some it is beauty
To others a warning
Still others pursue its
Point to the heavens above

St. John's of Waunakee,WI (my hometown)

The exterior of this building is marvelous!  St. Peter Catholic Church, Ashton, WI

Bishop O'Connor Catholic Pastoral Center (The High Point steeple)--Madison, WI

Do you have a photo that would work well with this poem? I'd love to include your steeple photo in an upcoming post. 

Submit one or two steeple photos (or three) and I'll include them in a future post (or my favorites of them if we receive more than we can use here).  If you send one or two steeple photos, you'll be entered in the drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. This is not a photo contest and you don't need to be a professional at all to enter. Just go find a good-looking steeple (or two) and take a photo.  

Here are the submission rules:

1. Send 1 or 2 steeple photos in jpg form via e-mail to lorilipsky@gmail.com

2. Put the words "Steeple photo" and your full name and city (country if other than USA) of 
residence in the subject line

3. Identify the city, state, country address of the building to which the steeple is attached

4. Submit photos before November 30th and the drawing will be announced the first week of December

 If you win the drawing, don't forget to send me your mailing address within 30 days so I can send the card to you. 

Best wishes!



Robin J. Steinweg said...

Beautiful, majestic. Your poem is insightful, Lori.

Hmm. I know of several lovely steeples, all pointing to the One who inspired them.

In--SPIRE--d. :o

ScheltyDebate said...

Love the poem!!! And the photos are wonderful as well! I will send you a couple pictures.

The Prude said...

Perfect pairing of pictures and poetry :)
I'll give you my steeple locations- I promise.

Die Cut Lady said...

Great picture and a great poem.I hope Sandy S. sends you some photo's She is really been taking some great pictures!I have to put a post it note in my purse so when we head up north I remember to take some pictures of my favorite steeples.
Thanks for the fun.

Lori Lipsky said...

Robin--Thanks. I hope you'll send some photos of those lovely steeples over.

Sandy--I've seen some beautiful steeples among your FB photos. Please send a few over--the Prude sent five, so feel free to "keep up" with the Prude if you like.

Prude--Thanks and thanks for the photos!!

Die Cut Donna--Thank you and I agree about Sandy's photos. I love her photos. And I'd love to see some "up north" steeples from you!!