Monday, November 7, 2011

A Visit to Hong Kong: SCAD Building in Kowloon Part 2 of 10

Here is Hong Kong post number two--notes on Kowloon from the journal of Daughter Paige. Photos by Paige. 

To Kowloon

The next day (my first full day in Hong Kong) was orientation.  We took the SCAD shuttle from our homes in the New Territories to a peninsula called Kowloon.  Kowloon is where the SCAD building is.  

Kowloon is a working class area that’s not very impressive at first sight. 

We had a tour, led by students, that showed us around the area.  That was the first time I felt culture shock.  Sham Shui Po is not a tourist area, so most things are not in English.  There is a mass of people, street markets, and cars.

Eventually I grew to like the madness, and feel comfortable walking around by myself.  Pretty much all areas of Hong Kong are very safe, no matter what time of day.  Safety is something that I really appreciate.


The Prude said...

I love the colorful striped umbrellas almost as much as I love the safety of the area. Looking forward to Visit #3.

Lori Lipsky said...

Thanks, Prude.

I almost had to beg Paige for the street scene photos. She is so busy now, but accommodated my request.

They are what I like best--the people and the architecture--but Paige is into close-up snippets of "mundane" life. That's her focus for this semester, so I can't blame her. The incense photo is her favorite--oh wait. I haven't shown that yet. It's coming up later in the week.

Paige said...

I made a book of detail photographs that can be downloaded on the iPad. Hello easy way to share photos with the grandparents! But, I have quite a few details, and I'm going to continue working on them next term as well.