Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Typhoon Passes by Hong Kong: From Paige's Journal

Map from About.com:
Paige lives in the Castle Bay Area, New Territories (Hong Kong)--left side of the map, on the South China Sea
Have you ever experienced a typhoon? Been close to one?

The closest I've gotten is having a daughter near one as it mercifully stayed out in the ocean, passing by Hong Kong.
Remember a couple of months ago when we were hearing about typhoons near the Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong? I got a bit worried for Paige after a friend suggested to me I had something to worry about. Paige lives in New Territories, less than one hundred yards from the ocean (Castle Bay Area). Here's what she was doing: 

A Typhoon Passes by Hong Kong Island from the journals of Daughter Paige 

This week my school has been warned about a typhoon passing Hong Kong.  Yesterday (Wednesday Sept 28th), we got our first warning.  A sign in my apartment lobby told us that we were at Warning  Level 1.  I went to school and when I came back, the sign was changed to a warning 3.  I went to bed, noticing that the wind seemed to be picking up.  I at one point woke up at two in the morning thinking that my 23-story apartment tower was going to fall over.  I looked out my bedroom window at the violently swaying palm trees.  Just beyond the trees is the ocean, which was very rough as well.  The rain picked up, and I watched it hit our windows sideways. 

This morning SCAD HK students received an email that we were at warning 8, and classes were canceled for the day.  Honestly, that was a relief because I didn’t have my homework finished and I would have had to work hard that morning to get it done in time.  Naturally what does one do when they’re told they get an extra day on an assignment?  Take a nap!  I fell asleep to the sound of the rain abusing my window and the sound of the wind fighting to break through.  Weirdly, whenever the storm would calm down, the lack of a ruckus would wake me up.  Whenever I awoke, I looked out the window again.  The clouds were moving so fast it was almost nauseating. 

At one point of the day it didn’t rain for a couple hours. My friend, Chris and I ventured out into the wind to find some food.  It was a really calm part of the day. Everyone else seemed to be taking advantage of the break in rain outside as well. 


Paige's windows held strong, but several in her complex did not. One of her friend's windows broke during the storm. 
Have a great day today, no matter what weather you are experiencing.


Suef said...

It is so hard to have your loved ones far away when scary things are going on. It is great to read Paige's journal!

Robin J. Steinweg said...

I enjoyed the "Paige-eye view" of a typhoon--as long as she was safe, that is!

The Prude said...

Hmmm. I commented here a few hours ago and don't see it. Grrrrr.
I said something about liking the map and Paige's writing style and the fact that she used her unexpected homework bonus day to take a nap.
Again, Grrrrr.

Lori Lipsky said...

Thanks for trying again, Prude.

It worked this time!

Joanie said...

Wow! Aren't you glad she is home safe!

Anonymous said...

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