Monday, December 19, 2011

A Visit to Boulder, Colorado and Colorado University

Last week Paige and I flew to Colorado. It was my first time to the state, but Paige had been there once with our church youth group (about 7 years ago) for a back-packing adventure. 

We rented a car at the Denver airport and drove about 45 minutes to our hotel in Boulder. Mark had made the reservations for us using his points. It was the first time I'd rented a car without Mark along.

We found our way to the Residence Inn, Boulder.

Take the sidewalk to the right, then turn left, then up the stairs. There was snow on the ground.

The lady at Avis gave us a free upgrade. I don't know why.  What fun!

Boulder, Colorado (photo credit Colorado University, http://www.colorado.edu/)
Paige is interested in the Art History department at Colorado University, Boulder. She plans to apply to the graduate program there, so we travelled to tour the school.

We took a wonderful two hour tour of the beautiful new Art and Art History Building

Afterward we ate here

Later, we got healthy fruit smoothies here

Next Post: More of Colorado and what we did with an afternoon in Denver


Robin J. Steinweg said...

What a spectacular mountain view from Boulder! Paige won't run out of scenery if she ends up there. Thanks for sharing this, Lori!

The Prude said...

I love Colorado, but I never visited Boulder (till now, thanks to you and Paige).
Can't wait for the Denver visit!