Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Top Ten: Photographer Anita Klumpers

One more look back at Visits and Verse 2011 before we shoot forward.

Guest photographer Anita Klumpers provided photos for one of the Top 10 Visits and Verse 2011 posts. Friend Sue Finley drove the boat (her boat), Anita shot photos and I wrote the poem. I combined the photos and poem and here were the results from August 29:


 A Hunt for the Hidden

Search down the river

Gaze across the lake

Up in green tree tops

Out on a branch

Hunt for the hidden

On the rocks

in the sky

Unexpected beauty

Passes by

Visit Anita's Blog:  http://theprudedisapproves.blogspot.com/  to see more of her photos. 


Daughter Paige's first post from Hong Kong (November 3) also made it on the top 10 list. She shared notes from her travel journey when she left Madison, WI to go to Hong Kong for the first time:

From Madison to Hong Kong Island to New Territories 
Paige's notes

I left for Hong Kong from the Madison, Wisconsin airport on September 8, 2011 (which was unfortunately the season opener for the NFL, with the Packers playing).  I left on that flight knowing nobody in Hong Kong.  

By the time I got to Detroit, I’d met a few other SCAD students at the gate.  We talked a little on the 16-hour flight, but mostly just watched movies.  By the time we got to Hong Kong, all the SCAD students on the flight had pretty much located each other. It was nice to know I wasn’t alone.  

We had a shuttle from our apartment complex pick us up and take us to the apartments.  The whole complex is huge.  

Gold Coast Residencies is about 45 minutes to an hour outside of Hong Kong Island.  It’s actually in the New Territories.  The complex consists of the services sea view apartments (that I’m in), sea side condos, a hotel, a piazza full of stores and restaurants, a yacht club, country club, and a really nice pool and gym.

Paige lives in the tower farthest to the left. Tower 6.

I got to my apartment around 10:00 at night and met my roommates.  We ended up taking a walk to the beach and trying to find some food.

A path along the ocean near the complex

See Visits and Verse archives (left) for several more of Paige's guest posts from Hong Kong.

Next Post: More from our Denver, Colorado visit.


Suef said...

I really enjoyed my visit! Thanks!

The Prude said...

That boat trip was so much fun. Thanks for the reminder!
I'm excited for Paige being back in Hong Kong. What a great opportunity. I want to hear more from her!

Lori Lipsky said...

Suef, We couldn't have done it without you and your boat. That was a fun day!

Prude, One of the best things about writing a blog seems to be remembering and re-living the good times. It was a fun boat trip!

I'll invite Paige to write some more and I know she will want to if time permits.

Lori Lipsky said...


Thank you for sharing your photos with Visits and Verse. That one of the ducks is the cutest thing ever.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

The Yahara River/Sea of Waubesa trip were one of the year's many highlights for me--thanks for sharing it again. Paige's photos from the Far East are intriguing.