Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Masterpiece Board Game Masterpieces in Chicago

Turns out that the Masterpiece Board Game has worked its magic on the next generation in my family as well. My niece was distracted and missed this Jackson Pollock painting when we passed by it the first time, even though it's displayed in a place of significant exposure. We all had to walk back a ways with her because she was so disappointed to have missed it. I loved that she cared!

Here are four more works from the 1970's version of the Parker Brothers' Masterpiece game:

Greyed Rainbow by Jackson Pollock, 1953

Abstract Expressionism

A Self Portrait by Van Gogh, 1886/88

"Based on the contrast of complementary colors. The blue-green background tone serve as a foil to  the  orange-red of the artist's hair and beard. The brushwork adds intensity." (notes from the museum)

At the Moulin Rouge, 1892, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

When the Moulin Rouge opened, Lautrec was hired to produce posters. Afterward, he frequented the establishment.
Because he was often mocked for his short stature and physical defects, he turned to alcohol to numb his pain, and ended up dying at the young age of 36 after being institutionalized.

Sylvette (Portrait of Mlle. D.) 1954 by Pablo Picasso

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Suef said...

I am not sure I will ever appreciate Picasso but still his works are intriguing to look at. I am surprised at how much I liked the Rainbow.

The Prude said...

Thanks for calling attention to the brush strokes in the Van Gogh. It is amazing how learning more about an artist and his work makes the paintings even more fascinating.

Lori Lipsky said...


I feel the same way about the Pollock work. I'm surprised at how much I like it.


I keep reading how important brush strokes are and hope to understand more about it as time goes on. Thanks for stopping by.

Susan said...

Ah, The Moulin Rouge! That blue-faced woman haunted my childhood.;)

Lori Lipsky said...

Poor Susan. I read something about the person and their face and I'll have to try to find it for you. I believe she was a well-known personality of the time...

Robin J. Steinweg said...

I was about to write how creeped out I always felt by the blue-faced woman in the Moulin Rouge, and I see Susan has said the same thing! Picasso didn't please me back then, either.

How I'd love to paint!

Thank you, Lori. I'll miss the Chicago Museum of Art.

Lori Lipsky said...


We're not done in Chicago yet. We've still got Monet to come--I saved him for last. I know he's one of your favorites.

Joanie said...

Like, Like!