Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Puppies, Flowers and a Baby...No Photos Please

Let's take a little break from Chicago's Art Museum for a short story and a photo.

Last fall when (Daughter) Paige went to Hong Kong for the first time she had the opportunity to study with a well-respected photo professor who is also a working photographer. On the first day of class he warned the students about their upcoming assignments:

"Absolutely no flowers, no puppies and no babies," he announced sternly and then repeated. He felt the three were overdone subjects.

The next day Paige found this photo below, mustered up some courage and sent it to her professor. Isn't it fantastic? I got such a kick out of it.

I'm sorry I'm unable to credit the photographer, but I'll keep looking. Just try a google search for puppies, flowers and a baby and see what happens...

Photo source unknown

I'm glad to have the freedom to delight in flowers, puppies and babies! Aren't you? What would the world be without them?

Have a great day.


The Prude said...

This is so clever- good for you Paige! Glad she and her professor have a sense of humor (as well as the photographer!)

Paige said...

If you think about it, they really are cliches. Along with sunsets. That's another one. We're told if we're going to shoot a cliche, it has to be done well. And, I stumbled across a blog completely devoted to Pugs, and that's where I found the picture.

Suef said...

Wow, what a great story and photo to go with it. It cracked me up big time!!

Susan said...

I love flowers, puppies, and babies! But when my sister was a college art major, we would tease her that she should paint sunsets. It made her furious, and she always tried to explain to us why it was an inappropriate topic, to no avail.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

I hope God never finds sunsets inappropriate! :)

As for me, though I find pugs a bit--um--repugnant, the photo is delightful, Paige. Well done!

Thank you to Lori for sharing her daughter's talents.