Monday, January 30, 2012

Three Pieces of Poetry News

 Here at Visits and Verse, the 'Verse' seems to have been overshadowed by the 'Visits' side of things lately, so today we'll focus on poetry-related news.I do have three personal poetry tidbits of news to share.

1. This National publication in the photo below published one of my short poems in their January 2012 issue. They paid me and everything. Hurray. The publication owns the rights for the next three months so I can't share the poem here today. The good news is they have a circulation of 318,000 readers. It's the third time in about fourteen months that they've accepted and published one of my short poems.

2. Bolts of Silk is an online literary zine. Editor Juliet Wilson, based in Edinburgh, Scotland has run the UK blogzine since 2006. The motto of Bolts of Silk is "beautiful poetry with something to say." 

Yesterday, my poem Three Horses in the Cold appeared in Bolts of Silk. I invite you to check it out if you haven't yet. Simply click here. To leave a comment at the site (I hope you will) click on the words "poetry lovers" below the poem.

3. You are invited to attend the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets' Winter Festival on Sunday afternoon, February 12, 2012. I am scheduled as participating reader, along with Susan Elbe, Robin Chapman, Tim Walsh, Morgan Harlow and Geoff Collins. 

 2012 Winter Festival of Poetry
Avol's Bookstore, 315 Gorham Street
Madison, WI
February 12th at 2:00 pm

It would be great to see a familiar face or two in the audience. Fyi, plan for the entire event to last about 80 or 90 minutes. All friends and non-hecklers welcome! 


The Prude said...

Congratulations! You are an inspiration– you combine great talent and sensitivity with hard work and perseverance. And your poems are SO GOOD!

Susan said...

Congrats Lori!

ScheltyDebate said...

This is all wonderful news! I loved the horse poem! And how will we wait three months to see the newly published one? Even though I regularly receive info about retirement homes and AARP, I refuse to purchase a magazine called Mature Living until I'm actually mature enough to appreciate more than the poetry section. :)

Lori Lipsky said...

Thanks Prude, Susan and ScheltyDebate. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

Suef said...

Ditto the prude! This is exciting! Congratulations!

Lori Lipsky said...

Thanks, Suef.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Well done, Lori! Those are worthy places to view or hear your poetry, without doubt.

I plan to come to Madison to hear you read on Feb 12. I promise not to get anyone's hackles up heckling! It's a no-heckle zone.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

I just want to say that there are perks to being a follower of this blog--I mean, not simply clicking over here for a good read, but actually listing oneself as a follower!

This week, for example, followers are invited to the very house from where Visits and Verse emanates for a daring game of Masterpiece. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars--perhaps millions--will pass through participants' fingers this Wednesday? Play money, but still...

Sign on as a follower today!

Lori Lipsky said...

A "daring" game indeed, Robin. Wahhahah. And party favors for the winners. Wild and crazy.