Monday, February 6, 2012

Visits and Verse Masterpiece Party; Photos by Sue Finley

We had celebrators enough at the Visits and Verse party last Wednesday to get two games of Masterpiece going. Some of the nicest people around were in attendance. I would have completely forgotten about taking pictures, but luckily Sue Vick Finley showed up with her camera and offered to take some photos for this post. 

Sue must have been on a quest for color that day.  She discovered some on the island where the beverages and food were, and in other places around the house, too. 

Please forgive the duplicates. None were exactly the same and I didn't want to delete. I was not in a deleting mood. Loved them all! I hope you will, too.

The new beverage dispenser was a hit.

Hot beverage anyone?

The games were set up and ready to go when the Visits and Verse members arrived.

My creamer and sugar collection was out and about. Sue found some color there, too.

My newest additions

I dream of liking tea one day. I am working on it. In the meantime, I enjoy the pots designed for tea.

Van Gogh and Monet make an appearance via the miniature Kelvin Chen teapots

No Monet on the walls, but Sue found our Hugh London hand-me-down

Joanie and Sue Finley met for the first time that day.

From the left: The Prude, Susan, Kim and the host

A serious moment. They are counting money: (seated from left) Joanie, Cheryl and Robin

The Prude took this photo with Sue's new camera. Joanie is saying something hilarious.

Robin was happy to get the million dollar painting, but Joanie and Susan F. were the big winners of the day.

As mentioned above, friend Sue Finley provided the photos for this post. Besides living on the lake with her family and being a member of a book club with me, Sue plays the flute and takes photos. She also loves gardening and being a granny.

Sue Finley will be having a photo display at the E. D. Locke Library in McFarland, Wisconsin during the month of April 2012. 

You may view some of Sue Finley's photography work on Facebook at Tree-Hollow Cottage Photography or Sue Vick Finley. Also, Sue Finley on Google+.


The Prude said...

These are beautiful pictures by a very talented photographer, but Lori's house is really that lovely and the snacks that day were as pretty to look at as they were good to eat and she is a marvelous hostess!

And I am so excited about the news that Sue's photos will be on display! Everyone should come see them!

Suef said...

I was a very fun party and I'm glad I had my camera. I love tea pots! Thanks Lori for hosting!

Susan said...

As the beautiful photos show, you were an extraordinary hostess, Lori. I had a wonderful time!

ScheltyDebate said...

I was sorry to miss out on the fun this time, but hope there will be another opportunity to see one another in the future! Great to see all the beauty you have surrounded yourself with, Lori, in things yes, but more importantly with beautiful people! ♥

Lori Lipsky said...

Prude, I am excited about Sue's photos being on display, too. No one should miss them!

Suef, Thanks for sharing your photos here. So glad your rehearsal schedule changed so that you could come at the last moment.

Susan, It was great to have you there. So glad you came!!

Lori Lipsky said...


Missed you at the gathering. Shall have to have another one since you and several others couldn't make it.

Glad to see on Fb that your father-in-law is getting stronger.

You should check last week's posts when you have a chance--you may have been a winner of a certain book....

Kim said...

It was great fun and very colorful!

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Ah, easy come, easy go. It was sure hard for a gal who shops thrift stores to unload hundreds of thousands on a painting of unknown worth! Oh yeah, it was play money..

Looks like we'll have to visit the McFarlane library in April for more wonderful Sue Finley photos!

Lori, you throw the bestest bashes!

Lori Lipsky said...

Kim--It was so fun to see you again and to spend a little time together. That was a treat.

Robin-- It was good practice for when you sell all those books and become a gajillionaire and you need to bid on a Monet or a Pissarro to hang in your living room.